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Zoe Carr becomes a National Leader in Education

1 June 2016, WISE Academies

National leaders of education (NLEs) are outstanding Headteachers who work with schools in challenging circumstances to support school improvement. In order to become recognised as a NLE, applicants are required to demonstrate that they have a track record of strong school leadership with at least 3 years headship experience, and that they have a track record of providing effective school to school support which has led to improved outcomes for pupils over a sustained period.

An NLE’s support role will involve working with other schools who want to improve performance. They will meet with the headteacher and senior staff from the school to discuss the challenges and what help is needed. Their work will be tailored according to the needs of the school that they are supporting. NLEs can get involved in a number of different ways. NLEs use their skills and experience to support schools by increasing the leadership capacity to help raise standards.

Any school which is interested in exploring how Zoe Carr can provide support in her NLE role, is invited to contact WISE Academies Head Office