Our Academies

Chief Executive Officer - Zoe Carr O.B.E., WISE Academies Head Office, Borodin Avenue, Sunderland SR5 4NX (tel 0191 7070 125 e-mail headoffice@wiseacademies.co.uk)

BEXHILL ACADEMY – Headteacher – Ruth Walton

Bexhill Road


Tyne & Wear

SR5 4PJ Telephone: 0191 7070 120
E-mail: bexhill@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: http://bexhill.wiseacademies.co.uk/

HASTING HILL ACADEMY – Headteacher – Natalie Fountain

Tilbury Road


Tyne & Wear

SR3 4LY Telephone: 0191 7070 121

E-mail: hastinghill@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: http://hastinghill.wiseacademies.co.uk/

TOWN END ACADEMY – Headteacher – Nichola Fullard

Borodin Avenue
Town End Farm
SR5 4NX Telephone: 0191 7070 123
E-mail: townend@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: http://townend.wiseacademies.co.uk/

WELBECK ACADEMY – Headteacher  – Louise Saunders

Flodden Street


Newcastle upon Tyne

NE6 2QL Telephone: 0191 265 5362
E-mail: welbeck@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: http://welbeck.wiseacademies.co.uk

ADDERLANE ACADEMY – Headteacher  – Emma Potts

Broomhill Road
NE42 5HX Telephone: 01661 833996
E-mail: adderlane@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: https://adderlane.wiseacademies.co.uk/

PRUDHOE WEST ACADEMY – Headteacher  – Carrie Hodgson

Prudhoe West Academy
West Road
NE42 6HR
Telephone: 01661 832 288
E-mail: prudhoewest@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: https://prudhoewest.wiseacademies.co.uk/


Shaftoe Trust Academy
Haydon Bridge,
Hexham, Northumberland,
NE47 6BN
Telephone: 01434 684 309
E-mail: shaftoe@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: https://shaftoe.wiseacademies.co.uk/

NORTH VIEW ACADEMY – Principal: Mr. G. Mellefont

North View Academy Trust
St. Lukes Road
Telephone: 0191 7070122
E-mail: northview@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: https://northview.wiseacademies.co.uk/

HALTWHISTLE FIRST ACADEMY – Headteacher  – Susie Drake

Woodhead Lane
NE49 9DP
Telephone: 01434 320467
E-mail: haltwhistlefirst@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: https://haltwhistle.wiseacademies.co.uk/

HALTWHISTLE MIDDLE ACADEMY – Headteacher  – Paul Sampson

Park Avenue
NE49 9BA
Telephone: 01434 320491
E-mail: haltwhistlemiddle@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: https://haltwhistle.wiseacademies.co.uk/

CROFTWAY ACADEMY – Executive Headteacher  – Deb Ward

William Street
NE24 2HP
Telephone: 01670 353258
E-mail: croftway@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: https://croftway.wiseacademies.co.uk

MALVIN’S CLOSE ACADEMY – Executive Headteacher  – Deb Ward

Albion Way
Telephone: 01670 354082
E-mail: malvinsclose@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: https://malvinsclose.wiseacademies.co.uk

MORPETH ROAD ACADEMY – Headteacher  – Paul Martindale

Bates Avenue
NE24 5TQ
Telephone: 01670 351713
E-mail: morpethroad@wiseacademies.co.uk
Website: https://morpethroad.wiseacademies.co.uk

Bexhill Academy

Bexhill Academy was opened by The Right Honourable Anthony Crosland, Secretary of State for Education and Science, on 7th October 1965 as Bexhill Infant and Junior School.  It is a well established school in a well established part of Sunderland. Over the years it has enjoyed a well deserved reputation for the quality of teaching and for the good progress made by pupils and this continues to be the case.

This remains a popular school for the local community and has a published admission number of 60. The last Ofsted inspection in 2015 graded the school as good.  The full report can be found here

Town End Academy

Town End Academy is situated in North Sunderland on Town End Farm Estate and was built in 1962.  We have 1 form entry with 226 pupils on role from nursery to Y6. The catchment area is very disadvantaged in terms of its socio-economic character. A well above average proportion of pupils have Free School Meals with 54% Pupil Premium.   The attainment on entry is well below the average, particularly in language development.  After starting school in the Foundation Stage pupils make excellent progress.

Our last Ofsted was in January 2008 and we were given a grade of outstanding. In September of that year, the school was federated with Bexhill. Then in March 2011 the two schools became the first primary academies in Sunderland giving us further opportunities to strengthen relationships between the staff.

Town End became a Teaching School in March 2012 and also a National Support School enabling us to provide training and support for teachers across Sunderland and outside of the LA. Senior leaders from both Town End and Bexhill were trained to provide the ITP (Improving Teacher Programme) and MLDP (Middle Leaders Development Programme) both National College accredited programmes.

In summary, the success of the children is down to the dedication and commitment of all of the staff within school. It has been extremely beneficial being able to share practises and develop working partnerships with colleagues from the other academies. We are looking forward to being able to strengthen these partnerships over the coming years.

The last Ofsted report can be found here

Hasting Hill Academy

Hasting Hill Academy is a larger than average primary school 3 miles outside Sunderland City centre.  It is situated south of the River Wear in a large housing estate called Thorney Close.  Hasting Hill Academy is a one storey building set in a large site (approx. 10 acres) with a cricket and football pitch, two playgrounds and a further hard surface area for ball games in the winter.

Historically; Hasting Hill Primary school was officially opened in 1954 and began life as a separate Infant and Junior school.  It was converted into a primary school in the 1980’s.  Today it has 326 pupils on roll, aged between 3 and 11 years of age.  Over half are eligible for a free school meal and a higher than average number of pupils on the special educational need register.  Pupils enter nursery well below age related expectations and currently leave us broadly in line with national expectations.

Ofsted judged Hasting Hill to be satisfactory in 1999, 2003, and 2007.  In 2011 Hasting Hill Academy had still not improved enough and was judged to be in special measures.  Initially, during this difficult period, the school failed to improve at a rapid enough pace.

In January 2012 WISE Academies were asked to support the school and a different improvement journey began to take shape. Our community deserved a school better than its history, our staff were determined to change and improve. Hasting Hill joined WISE as a sponsored academy in December 2012.

In June 2014 Hasting Hill Academy achieved a ‘good’ Ofsted grading across all areas in its inspection.  The full report can be found here.

Rapid progress has been made at Hasting Hill Academy with outcomes being at an all time high.  In 2015 91% of pupils achieved the national standard or above in reading, writing and mathematics.  The marked improvement was acknowledged by the DfE as the progress of pupils at Hasting Hill was amongst the 100 top performing schools.  The letter of acknowledgement can be found here. Letter from Nick Gibb MP

Welbeck Academy

The school admits more than the national average number of pupils. Welbeck is a two form entry primary school. From Reception to Year 6 there are 14 mixed ability classes and one nursery class. In addition, there are 2 classes (16 places) in the Speech & Language Additionally Resourced Centre (ARC), which the school provides for Newcastle City Council.

We also have our own playgroup, providing education and childcare for 2 year olds every afternoon.

EYFS assessments confirm that attainment on entry is well below average in all areas of learning, but particularly in communication, language and literacy. Many children have very limited spoken language upon entry.

We employ a Parent Support Advisor and an Attendance & Welfare Officer in addition to two Pupil Support HLTAs who are deployed to support and enhance our work with the most vulnerable children and their families.

Welbeck has been through a period of radical change since Ofsted inspectors judged that the school was not providing a satisfactory level of education for the children and placed Welbeck in the Ofsted category of ‘Special Measures’ in September 2009.

At Welbeck, we want all children to have the best possible education and a secure learning environment, so that they feel safe and happy, able to reach their full potential.

Welbeck Academy has seen considerable improvements since joining WISE Academies’ Trust.

The improvements made to the academy culminated in a successful Ofsted in May 2014 where the academy was graded ‘good’ in all areas. The recent report can be found here .

Adderlane Academy

Adderlane is a school experiencing huge change and rapid improvement. Your child’s education is our priority in our small, nurturing and friendly learning environment.

Adderlane Academy became part of the WISE family of schools in December 2016.  Adderlane staff have been working alongside the experienced WISE Academies team of professionals and benefiting hugely from the shared vision for delivering the best possible outcomes for the children of Prudhoe.

Adderlane is moving forward into a bright future with the combined strength of an established multi-academy trust (MAT).    Key to our educational vision is the provision of a welcoming, caring and supportive learning environment which will nurture the development of each child in our care. This is something that we never lose sight of at Adderlane Academy.

We view parents as partners in the educational process and continue to appreciate your support in all aspects of school life.  The school has an open door policy for new and existing parents, so please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require any additional information.  If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to call in and ask us.

Prudhoe West Academy

Prudhoe West Academy is a large first school situated in the Tyne Valley area of Northumberland. It has 300 pupils on role, aged between 3 and 9 years old.

Prudhoe West has been a successful school for many years and recognised the positive impact that working with other highly-performing education providers had. Such partnerships allowed the school to extend their knowledge and expertise and had great benefits for our children, who are taught and supported by staff who are skilled and committed to what they do. The school’s belief has always been that knowledgeable and motivated staff create a school experience for children which is positive and purposeful, and enables them to find ways of delivering the National Curriculum so that it inspires and equips children with the skills they need for future success. It was with the positive impact of partnerships in mind that the Governing Body decided to explore conversion to academy status, and then made the decision to join WISE Academies Trust.

The partnership between Prudhoe West and WISE Academies is mutually beneficial and enables both our school and the trust to continue to improve and enhance the education of the children in our care. Established frameworks of support including joint staff training, peer to peer collaboration, across school moderation, a relentless drive for school improvement, and a body of staff at all levels who are passionate and committed to what they do, all contribute to our children being educated to the highest possible standards, in a way which develops their thirst for knowledge and allows them to develop a deep love of learning.

Prudhoe West joined us in July 2017 and the school will continue to go from strength to strength as part of WISE Academies.

Shaftoe Trust Academy

North View Academy

North View Academy was built in 2012. North View School then became an academy in 2014.

Over the past three years we have transformed the educational opportunities and outcomes for our pupils in the city of Sunderland beyond whose needs relate to Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties and Autistic Spectrum disorders. The improvement in academic performance has been driven by a talented and committed workforce, the hard work of our pupil’s and support from parents and our Governing Body.

Our new buildings in St Lukes Road were designed in partnership with City of Sunderland and built by Robertsons PLC as our main contractor at a cost of 5.6m. The school opened in August 2014. The buildings reflect our education vision of creating a purposeful educational environment where children of all abilities can learn and thrive.

The academy is led by Gary Mellefont who has been with the school for sixteen years, the last eight as head teacher.

We welcome visitors and prospective parents to tour the academy during the working day.