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June 2013 School Review – letter to pupils

19 July 2013, Welbeck Academy

On 12th and 13th June 2013 a team of consultants were invited into school to give an external opinion about the quality of education that was been provided. The team were very pleased with everything that they saw and sent the following letter to the children:


Dear Pupils

You might remember a few weeks ago three visitors came to your academy to see you in lessons and to find out how well you are learning; we were those visitors.

We wanted to write to you and say thank you for being so kind to us and to say how very much we enjoyed our visit partly because we very much enjoyed talking with you.

We thought it would be nice to let you know what we found out about your academy. We found:

– Mrs Taylor, Mrs Dobson and other adults in the academy have worked so hard to make your academy one of the best places to be at to learn, because your lessons are usually very interesting and enjoyable

– you are working hard in your lessons and many of you are now making the best progress you have ever made at the academy

– Mrs Taylor and Mrs Dobson want you to do even better with your mathematics learning and so are working hard with all the other adults to make this happen. You can help them by practising all the skills you learn in mathematics, especially in your work on shape and space and your times tables

– the behaviour of so many of you is at least good and often for some of you it is the best you can get

– you said you feel very safe at Welbeck Academy and that hardly anyone would try and bully or be mean to you and if they did, adults would sort it out quickly for you

– so many of you always make sure you get to the academy on time each morning because you know being at Welbeck will really help you learn and have fun. Some pupils do not always come to the academy each day and they miss out on so many lovely things. If you know someone like that please tell them how important it is to come to the academy each day and what they are missing.

We all feel you have done so well at Welbeck and we see why you are all so proud of your academy. Like all the adults at the academy we are very proud to have met you.

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We are sending our very best wishes to you all and hope that you have a lovely, safe summer holiday.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Bailey, Mrs Hughes and Mr Wilson