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Invitation to Tender for Agency Supply Personnel

9 September 2020, WISE Academies

WISE Academies is committed to ensuring best value is achieved in all aspects of its operation.   Securing value for money in the procurement of goods and services(economy, efficiency and effectiveness) releases resources for higher priorities within an academy trust.

One significant area of expenditure in all schools and academies is on agency supply personnel and with this in mind WISE Academies has achieved efficiencies in the procurement of these services through centralised tendering which led to the identification of preferred suppliers.

As the previous agreement comes towards the end of the contract period, the procurement exercise is about to be repeated and WISE Academies would like to invite suppliers to submit a tender to provide this service to the Multi Academy Trust.

Further information about how to submit a tender can be found HERE


Important Note – Anyone considering tendering for the supply of any goods or services to WISE Academies is asked to note that the Trust will not engage in any contracts which are defined to be connected party transactions or where there are real or perceived conflicts of interest.


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