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Investment in Haltwhistle

8 March 2019, Haltwhistle

As previously announced, following a consultation with parents, staff and the community approval is being sought from the Department for Education to make significant changes to school organisation on the Haltwhistle site with effect from September 2019.

A fundamental part of this re-organisation is the need to address accommodation requirements for the primary academy on the site.  WISE Academies has been working closely with Northumberland County Council to identify the best way to deliver this provision and we are pleased to make an announcement of significant investment in education at Haltwhistle.

Zoe Carr, CEO of WISE Academies is pictured alongside Mrs Drake (Headteacher at Haltwhistle Academies) Guy Opperman M.P. and Cllr Ian Hutchinson at Haltwhistle.   Mrs Carr said “Feedback from meetings with parents and the community make it clear that they share WISE Academies’ aim of developing high quality facilities and would like to see meaningful investment in education at Haltwhistle.  WISE Academies and Northumberland County Council have listened carefully to the views that have been expressed and, as a result, we are delighted to announce that it has been possible to secure a sum of over £2.5 million to deliver this project.

I am pleased to report that our application to make the significant changes at Haltwhistle was received positively by the Regional Schools Commissioner and her Headteacher Board who have recommended approval to Ministers. We expect to hear from the Department for Education with Secretary of State approval in the next few days.

Upon this approval, we will be conducting what is called a listening period to enable staff and other stakeholders to raise questions and make suggestions about how this transition is managed.”

This investment is a result of close partnership working between WISE Academies and Northumberland County Council who both share high aspirations for our Haltwhistle setting.   WISE Academies will continue to work with the Local Authority in making this this transition.  More detailed information will be communicated to parents, staff and community as part of the next steps in the coming weeks.