Improving Outcomes

Bexhill Academy

Ofsted November 2010 Main findings

‘This is a good and improving school. New systems of management were already serving the school effectively. Parents, carers, pupils and staff are happy and supportive of these systems. Staff feel valued and there is a combined sense of purpose and vision for school improvement. As a result the quality of teaching and learning has improved and so have standards. Positive relationships and good pastoral care result in good behaviour and enthusiasm for learning. Good community links, partnerships beyond school and interesting activities outside lessons have a positive impact on pupils’ personal development’.

The full Ofsted report can be found here: Bexhill Ofsted Report 2015

Hasting Hill Academy

On 1st December 2012 Hasting Hill Academy opened with WISE Academies as our sponsor. Working in close partnership with the WISE family the Hasting Hill team the school has continued to rapidly improve.

Ofsted main findings  – June 2014

Overall effectiveness is good

Since it became an academy in December 2012, there have been many substantial improvements.

Rates of progress have speeded up in all year groups so pupils are achieving well. Any differences in the progress of pupils supported by pupil premium funding and other pupils are very small.

Attendance has improved to above average and persistent absence is low.

Teaching has improved and enables pupils to make good progress, particularly in English and mathematics. Pupils listen, concentrate well and work without distraction. Pupils are very positive about their school. They recognise that it has improved substantially since it became an academy. They say that they enjoy lessons and make good progress.

Pupils are very positive about their school. They recognise that it has improved substantially since it became an academy. They say that they enjoy lessons and make good progress.

Pupils’ behaviour in lessons, when moving around the academy and when playing and socialising at breaks and lunchtime is good.

Pupils feel safe in the academy. They know that there is always a caring adult on hand if they need comfort, help or advice.

The Headteacher, staff, governors and the WISE Trust work very effectively together to ensure that the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement and the overall effectiveness of the academy continue to improve and that it meets challenging targets.

The full report can be found here.

Town End Academy

In recent years, the school’s achievement has been amongst the top five percent of similar schools nationally.

In 2012 Town End Academy was awarded to the top 10% of schools and academies nationally based on their schools key Stage 2 value added score. Sue Williamson, Chief Executive, SSAT.

From the children coming in at very low starting points, standards are in line or above national average and Value Added has been outstanding for the last three years. In the recent SATs the KS2 children achieved 95% level 4 in both maths and English – 95% of the children made 2 levels progress in KS2 with 45% making 3 levels progress in reading and 50% making 3 levels in maths.

The full Ofsted report can be found here.

Welbeck Academy

Ofsted main findings – May 2014

Overall effectiveness is good

There have been significant changes to the Leadership Team, teaching staff and Governing Body since the school became an academy in 2012. Following the low performance in the 2013 national tests, the Executive Headteacher with the support of the Trust Board took swift and decisive action to address pupils’ achievement and to improve the quality of teaching.  Inspection evidence confirms the vast majority of pupils are now making rapid progress in English and mathematics.

Children have a good start to their school life because the Early Years Foundation Stage provision is of high quality. The majority of children make rapid progress in their learning and in their personal and social development.

Achievement across the school is improving rapidly. Pupils make good, and sometimes outstanding, progress because they are taught well and given effective support to catch up if they fall behind.

Pupils, who are eligible for support through the pupil premium, make good progress in English and mathematics. Their achievement is better than their peers in writing and mathematics. Pupils in the Additional Resource Centre (ARC) make good and sometimes outstanding progress in their speech, language and communication skills.

Teaching is good and improving. Teachers have high expectations and are skilful in developing pupils’ thinking and communication skills. Teaching assistants contribute well to pupils’ learning.

Pupils’ behaviour is good. They say they feel safe in school and show positive attitudes to learning. Pupils are polite and courteous and caring towards each other and adults.

The school is well supported by parents, who recognise the positive impact it has on their children’s learning and well-being.

Leadership and management are good. School leaders, including governors, are driven by their ambition for continued improvement. As a result, pupils’ achievement and the quality of teaching have improved rapidly

The full report can be found here.