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20 July 2016, WISE Academies

Adderlane First School will become part of WISE Academies later in the year.

The Department for Education have carefully chosen an appropriate sponsor for Adderlane and the staff and governors are keen to get the partnership underway. The school are already working with WISE and benefitting from the strong school-to-school support.

There are currently four successful schools in WISE Academies Trust which are all based in the North-East area. They are are all graded ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. WISE Academies are looking to work with Northumberland schools so sponsoring Adderlane is exciting for all involved. WISE have a history of rapid school improvement and have gained national recognition for their contribution to education, most recently from the Secretary of State for Education, the Rt. Hon. Nicky Morgan.

Adderlane’s Headteacher, Emma Potts, commented, “This is a positive step for Adderlane to secure the improvements we have made this year. This year has been very exciting for the school as we have been recognised as a school that is improving by Ofsted. Becoming part of the WISE family will protect this improvement and ensure we continue on this path to success.”

Zoe Carr, CEO of WISE Academies, believes that the values and ethos of Adderlane First School are complimentary to those of the other schools that are already part of the Multi-Academy Trust. She is proud that Adderlane First School will become part of the WISE family of schools and delighted that the partnership is being viewed very favourably by Adderlane’s leaders, staff and governors, as well as Northumberland Local Authority.

Mrs Carr and her team are already working with the leaders of Adderlane First School in readiness for the conversion to take place in the autumn 2016. She commented, “I believe it is going to prove to be a most valuable partnership and I am delighted it has come about. At WISE we have a clear objective of ensuring educational excellence in all of our academies. Adderlane’s leaders and governors share this same passion and determination so we are already united in our ambition for the school.”

The information brochure is available here